360 Degree Rotating Car Dining Plate

360 Degree Rotating Car Dining Plate

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This rotating car dining plate top cup holder is suitable for regular car cup holder. Lower cup holder for large tumblers, bottles and cups. This cup holder doesn’t shake in place, secures the weight and ensures comfortable reach for your drink. TRAY FOR EXTRA STORAGE

The tray attaches to upper cup holder, it can be 360 degree stable rotation and can load 40lbs of weight. It can be utilized for food, snacks, keys, phone or small accessories. Designed with rubber to keep items on tray from moving around or making any noise at all. Best choice when spending lots of time on the road and always eat while you drive,. Excellent for anyone with busy schedule and needs more space in the car.EXTENDABLE BASE

The tray's adjustable base expands to make sure a sturdy base. You can twist it to loosens or tightens the grip. The cup holder expander base expands to fill the console cup holder to fit different vehicles, such as motorcycles, boats, trucks, RV's and golf-carts. EASY TO INSTALL

  • Step 1: Place the cup holder to the position of the car’s cup holder.
  • Steps 2: Twist either the top or bottom portion and notches begin to protrude from the bottom section.
  • Steps 3: Cover the rubber coaster to bottom of the cup holder base.
  • Steps 4: Insert the tray into the upper cup holder until it click into place. ( Squeeze the outward bottom buckle to put out for taking the tray off ).
  • Steps 5: Cover the tray holder bottom with include base rubber pad.

Material: PP

Color: Black

1 x 360 Degree Rotating Car Dining Plate