Aleumdaun Korean Pearl Powder Lady Cream
Aleumdaun Korean Pearl Powder Lady Cream
Aleumdaun Korean Pearl Powder Lady Cream
Aleumdaun Korean Pearl Powder Lady Cream

Aleumdaun Korean Pearl Powder Lady Cream

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Let's meet our wonderful customers before we meet the product!
"Since I am getting older, it is inevitable for my skin and body to show any signs of aging. Though I accept that I don't look young anymore, I can tolerate all of it except my WRINKLES! I don't like how my face has developed many lines and it shows every time I move a muscle in my face. I get highly irritated whenever I smile or laugh because it shows so many of my wrinkles. My daughter then showed bought me this product to use and I applied the cream every night. I was surprised by its immediate effect. In just a week, there were fewer wrinkles. What more if I use it continuously? It's a recommend!"

Christina Hennes --- Trenton, New Jersey

"I'm a college student taking up my senior year and the workload has become heavy and demanding in my university. It has also become pressuring for me since graduation is a big deal. Due to this, I stay up late at night. And with only a little sleep, I wake up in the morning to go to classes to stress over a lot of my academic requirements. This became a cycle that resulted in my eyes darkening and gaining eyebags. I looked stressed and became depressed. I researched about a remedy for this and then found this product. Thankfully, it came really fast so I was able to use it. No need for long waits, because this lady cream just made my eyes and face brighter in just a week of use. 

Samantha Barbara --- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What happens to our face when exposed? Should we do something about it?
There are a lot of factors that we need to consider when understanding our face and skin as a whole. When the skin is young, it is highly active in providing itself with the nutrients it needs to be maintained healthy. However, as time passes by, it gradually loses that ability. Follow it by exposure to harmful UV rays, environmental pollutants, and stress, which quickly weakens the skin to provide enough collagen that makes the elastin of the skin. Without collagen and natural oils, the skin is prone to loosening up.

When skin is loosening up, it could also open the pores making dirt and bacteria easy to come through. If the pores in our face are filled with these unhealthy external factors, it becomes clogged up which can result in acne, face masks, and darkening. 

Luckily, Aleumdaun has designed a facial cream that effectively handles all skin issues and problems. The Aleumdaun Korean Pearl Powder Lady Cream is filled with natural ingredients that are combined with advanced technology to take care of the skin. It helps to shrink down pores and tighten skin while decreasing redness, overall improving skin texture.

Key Ingredient of the Aleumdaun Korean Pearl Powder Lady Cream:
  1. Hydrolyzed Pearls
  2. Ginseng
The hydrolyzed pearl powder has several uses in skincare, including promoting young-looking skin and softening and firming radiant skin. Additionally, hydrolyzed pearl speeds up the development of new skin regenerates collagen and aids in the treatment of acne. The hydrolyzed pearl also aids in avoiding the production of melanin, which results in dark spots, freckles, sagging skin, and wrinkles.

Numerous bioactive substances included in ginseng, such as saponins, polysaccharides, pectin, sugar, vitamins B1, B2, and B12, pantothenic acid, and minerals, help to improve blood flow to skin cells and give them a healthy shine. Additionally, it is touted as a natural skin balancer.

Special Features of the Aleumdaun Korean Pearl Powder Lady Cream:
  • Deep cleans away dirt
  • Used as a moisturizer to seal in your skin's precious moisture
  • Effective skin softener
  • Brightens skin and leaves a healthy glow
  • Gives skin hydration
  • Avoid dry skin that could wound it
  • Prevents any unwanted marks
  • Reduces fine or aging lines
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth and soft
  • Reduces redness
  • Tightens pores and skin
  • Safe for all types of skin
Let's get to know Myrna and her experience with the Aleumdaun Korean Pearl Powder Lady Cream

I haven't been sleeping enough because of the stress and pressure that I have at work and in life in general. I feel unaccomplished. Because of my worries, my skin is suffering. I'm developing a lot of wrinkles, eyebags, and acne, and my skin getting darker, especially around the eyes. It's bothersome because my problems are manifesting through my face. I tried a lot of facial washes that I found in stores but none of them worked for me. Out of desperation, I researched online and found this. The reviews were great so I tried it on. The cream, once applied, has a cooling effect that I really love. It goes on smooth and not that sticky like other brands."


"After 2 weeks of using the Aleumdaun Korean Pearl Powder Lady Cream, there was a great improvement. The dark circles around my eyes light up and I can feel my face has become lighter as well. There is also less acne and other face mark popping on my face life before. I'm really happy with the result so far.


"A month has passed and the effects of this cream are still continuing to satisfy my needs. I can see that my face really glowed up and it has now a smooth and soft texture. I love how the overall look of my face thanks to this product!"

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