Maximum Bond Super Glue
Maximum Bond Super Glue
Maximum Bond Super Glue
Maximum Bond Super Glue
Maximum Bond Super Glue
Maximum Bond Super Glue
Maximum Bond Super Glue
Maximum Bond Super Glue

Maximum Bond Super Glue

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The Strongest Repair Glue Ever!
Our Maximum Bond Super Glue provides an extra strong, durable, shock-resistant bond that works well on all surfaces and crack repairs in just 30 seconds. 
Specially formulated with ethyl-based cyanoacrylate adhesive that bonds almost immediately upon contact, it is also in ultra-thin layer after drying, makes it perfect to stick and bond even the hardest surfaces and leaves no residue. Features a pin-point nozzle that allows no-drip and mess-free application. 
It is 100% waterproof, as well as weather-resistant, which can be universally applied on a number of materials, including metal, glass, wood, rubber, ceramic, porcelain, plastic, leather, paper, fiber, and even withstands heavy loads.
  • Ultimate Crack Repairing:
    Easily penetrates and repairs the finest micro-fractures, pores, and cracks with an extra strong, durable, shock-resistant bond.
  • Instant Strong Bond:
    Adhesive works like a magnet, locks into place and tightly holds heavy objects in 30 seconds. Super strong adhesive power yet no strong odor.
  • Long-lasting Finish:
    Industrial-grade formula to stick and bond even the hardest surfaces and leaves no residue in ultra-thin layer after quick drying. 100% Waterproof, solvent-free, UV and weather-resistant. 
  • Universal Application:
    Works perfectly on flat, vertical, uneven and overhead surfaces made with different materials including metal, leather, cork, ceramic, wood, chipboard, fabric, paper, cardboard, rubber, plastics and even jewelry.   
  • Mess-free Application:
    Pin-point nozzle allows precise application without a drippy mess. Extra-long tip makes it easy to control even on hard-to-reach surfaces.
  • Nail All DIY Projects:
    Makes gluing wood finish, repairing cracked items/furniture, sticking wall decorations and any other DIY projects like a breeze. 


  • Net Content: 50ml


  • 1 x Maximum Bond Super Glue