New Multi-Purpose Cleaner

New Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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Keep your toilets and kitchen grease and grime free for up to 3 months with this amazing Multi-Purpose Cleaner! This powerful mini cleaner can be used on any surface and produces a penetrating foam that takes on grime where it hides and leaves behind a refreshing fragrance while removing 100% of soap scum.This superb home cleaner effectively eliminates grease, stuck-on dirt, dust, fingerprints smears, and any unwanted stains on all surfaces leaving a non-greasy and matte finish that prevents fading, discoloration, and cracking for 3 months.It can be widely used at home or outdoor cleaning, non-toxic, and easy to use and store.


  • Multipurpose cleaning solution - Easily clears all greases and dirt in your home especially the kitchen and toilet and keep them fresh and clean for 3 months.
  • Anti-damage coating - Protects surfaces against fading, discoloration, and cracking.
  • Non-toxic and safe formula - Does not contain harmful chemicals and is grease-free to keep surfaces clean while leaving behind a fresh lavender scent.
  • Easy to use - Simply spray on to the surface that needs cleaning and wipe off stains and grime with a clean cloth.
  • Wide range of application - Used on many surfaces including fabric, canvas, finished leather, PVC, glass, vinyl, plastic, rubber, metals, wood, fiberglass, and more.
  • Small and lightweight - Compact size makes it easy to keep and store.

Material: Ionic Water Surfactant Auxiliaries
Capacity: 30ml
Weight: 45g
Size: 112 x 35 mm

Products Include:
1 x All-Purpose Cleaner