Pure Amethyst Fitness Bracelet
Pure Amethyst Fitness Bracelet
Pure Amethyst Fitness Bracelet

Pure Amethyst Fitness Bracelet

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What our happy customers have to say about this classy and powerful Pure Amethyst Fitness Bracelet!

“I used to be obese & have a horrible relationship with body image& bullying. I was over the jokes. I was over the pain I felt everyday. I saw this Pure Amethyst Fitness Bracelet and decided to try it. Wearing this for 8 weeks made me lose 43lbs! I experienced less bloating on my 1st to 2nd week, then I finally began losing weight, and I didn’t feel as fatigued as I usually am midway through my day. Finally get below 200 for the first time in my adult life! Thank yooouu!” – Carolyn Hughes, 31, Lubbock, Texas

“I gained a lot of weight after having my first child where all my attention was on the baby and even my husband told me that I’m neglecting my own health.  I became very self-conscious. I really wanted to better myself. This Pure Amethyst Fitness Bracelet changed my life! Within a few weeks my mood completely changed and I felt a positive difference in my day-to-day activities and after wearing this for 2 months I lost 57lbs!! This bracelet has been a huge factor in my success of gaining my confidence back!” – Kelly Sanders, 41, Arizona, USA

How toxins affect our weight
Every day we are bombarded by toxins from our food, air, water, and environment. All of these need to be processed by the body and eliminated in a safe manner. The trouble is that our body becomes over loaded and toxins build up in the liver and digestive system. This leads to weight gain, hormone imbalances, and loss of energy.
"When we are toxic… the mechanism for detoxification in the liver gets sluggish, and certain toxins can remain active longer than we want or than our systems can handle,” says Mark Hyman, MD, in University Hospital Waterford. “This makes us sick and impedes normal metabolism. It also causes weight gain, fluid retention, bloat, and puffiness.” He added.
Amethyst Stone – Powerful Body Cleanser
Amethyst Quartz is natures Super Conductor, scientifically found to offer the steadiest, most powerful delivery of healthy far infrared light waves and the highest vibrational frequencies into the body.  It is known to be a powerful detoxifier. It effectively balances your hormones while enhancing metabolic function. This stone’s vibe is all about strength. It increases self-control, which could reduce your risk of choosing foods that aren’t in line with your goals.
This is why we created Pure Amethyst Fitness Bracelet..
Constructed with pure and high-quality amethyst stones. Assists you to a healthy weight loss by intensely detoxifying your whole system and boosting your metabolism. This stylish and classy bracelet also enhance your physical and mental vitality to support your overall health as well as to support your healthy weight loss journey. It also promotes cleansing of the body from the inside out.  See visible result in 3months of consistent wearing. 

What makes this Pure Amethyst Fitness Bracelet my great choice?

  • Detox and Slimming all-in-one
  • Support fitness and wellness journey
  • Help to manage your eating habit
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Stylish & classy design
  • Constructed with pure Amethyst
    Let’s take a look at Lori’s 16-week journey with Pure Amethyst Fitness Bracelet..
    I’ve always been overweight. I developed a lot of hormone imbalance problems that adds the problem. Saw this Pure Amethyst Fitness Bracelet while searching for something and decided to try it.

    1st Week

    On my 1st week of wearing this I noticed that I have more energy when I wake up. I am less hungry and I have broken my weight loss plateau.

    4th week

    This helped me control my craving for sweets and also noticed that this gave me the best night sleep I’ve had in quite a while. I tried to weigh and was shocked that I’ve lost 14lbs!

    8th Week

    I now feel that this firms my belly so my stomach slowly stopped hanging over my pants waist. My appetite has gone significantly smaller! I now lost a total of 42lbs!

    12th Week

    I was able to hit my goal weight and even below!! I slept like a champ, and had more energy throughout the day! I lost total of 65lbs after wearing this for 16weeks! All thanks to this amazing bracelet!

    Package Includes
    • 1 x Pure Amethyst Fitness Bracelet