Rapid Dry Hair Turban
Rapid Dry Hair Turban
Rapid Dry Hair Turban
Rapid Dry Hair Turban
Rapid Dry Hair Turban

Rapid Dry Hair Turban

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Dries your thick long hair in 5 minutes!

Our Rapid Dry Hair Turban wicks water away from hair 5 times faster than a regular cotton towel, and prevents frizz, split-ends and damage caused by friction from bath towels and substantial heat damage from blow dryers
Woven from ultra-absorbent microfibers with superior water-wicking power, it is lightweight with a raised waffle pattern that offers more fabric for quickly and gently dries sopping wet strands to the perfect damp stage. 
With the exquisite button loop design, the hair towel can easily secure around your head, allowing for faster, hands-free drying while you get ready for the day, and let your hair stay strong, healthy and vibrant.
  • 5-Minute Rapid Drying :
    Cuts drying time by >50%, hands-free and friction-free; no rubbing or blow drying

  • 5X Faster Water-Wicking Power :
    Gets excess water out fast and keep moisture in while providing comfort and durability

  • Ultra-Absorbent Microfibers :
    Super fine fibers with raised waffle pattern move water away from your hair quickly and evenly without rubbing

  • Ultimate Hair Protection :
    Helps reduce frizz, split-ends and breakage caused by
     rubbing friction of towels and heat damages of blow drying

  • Convenient Button Loop Design :
    Wraps hair and tuck in the ends easily to hold your hair in place 

  • Softer, Shinier & Healthier Hair :
    Creates bounce, volume and curl definition with resilient hair; reducing the need for styling products

  • Long-Lasting Color Treatment :

    Hair cuticles lay flat, locking in hair color; vibrant hair color staying longer

  • Lightweight, Soft & Supple :
    The supple microfibers are super gentle on your hair, remains soft and comfortable even with regular use.  

  • Versatile Use :
    Perfect for everyday use at home, gym, and travel, great assistant in facial, bath, makeup, face wash; one size fits all hair types and lengths. 

  • Easy to Clean :
    Machine washable


  1. Bend and flip head forward to make your hair hang down, place hair turban on top of head (the end with button). 
  2. Wrap your hair with the hanging part of the towel. Do not rub.
  3. Pull up the secure loop across your head, then secure by fixing it under the secure button.
  4. Leave towel on until hair is damp or drier. 


  • Material: Coral Fleece (Microfiber) 
  • Dimension: 27.16" x 9.85" (69 x 25 cm) 
  • Weight: 3.40 Oz (96.38g) 
  • Color: Brown, Gray, Pink, Blue