SlimFit™ Workout Tights

SlimFit™ Workout Tights

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The perfect fat-burning running tights!

Our SlimFit™ Workout Tights helps shape all body parts instantly, and get the perfect S-curve without squeezingIt is also highly breathable, moisture and sweat wicking while keeping you s-shaped. 

It provides Optimum Pressure Distribution on different parts of the leg for  butt lifting, leg slimming and tummy flattening.
Infused with the FitMax™ Circulating lining emits Far Infrared Rays for constant fat burning effect encourage fat and calories burning with the best compression to keep you s-shaped all day long.
Made from our signature high-stretch, soft compression fabric that offers a slimming silhouette and a second skin feel. It also targets to combat unwanted dimpling and tighten loose skin, as well as slimming up thighs, butt and calves for an ergonomic fit

Stretches to give you a perfect snug fit and grants you full movement with no restriction even when exercising.
Featuring a wide, high rise non-slip waistband that keeps everything in place, this legging offers optimum support during and after your high-intensity workout. 

- Material: 60% wool, 30% Velvet, 10% Spandex
- Color: Black, Skin, Coffee, Grey, Purple, Dark Green, Wine Red, Navy Blue

- Style: Step On Foot, Cropped, Pantyhouse

- Waist Width: 52 - 96 cm 
- Waist Relaxed: 96 cm
- Hip Width: 85 cm - 110 cm
- Hip Relaxed: 110 cm 
- Size : Free Size

1 pair x CozyChoice™ Workout Tights