TigerEye Hematite Detox Therapy Bracelet
TigerEye Hematite Detox Therapy Bracelet
TigerEye Hematite Detox Therapy Bracelet
TigerEye Hematite Detox Therapy Bracelet
TigerEye Hematite Detox Therapy Bracelet
TigerEye Hematite Detox Therapy Bracelet

TigerEye Hematite Detox Therapy Bracelet

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Debbie Meyer shared her experience using the TigerEye Hematite Detox Therapy Bracelet
"I initially saw a decrease in my stomach fat after using this for approximately two months. The additional fluid around my body has also started to disappear after only two weeks of use. I love that even while I sleep, the magnetic field keeps me in shape. I've shed two months' worth of weight and improved my sexual appeal. I am more active and do not easily feel weary. I am thrilled with my bracelet and have also informed my family about it."
3 Powerful Stones

All the three kinds of natural stones that belong to the triple protection bracelet have been carefully selected. The Tiger eye gemstone is associated with the solar plexus chakra. Because of that, it is believed that the wearer can expect positive effects on its  digestive system and nervous system.  It can also keep your mind calm, enhance the wearer’s creativity, and help them stay focused.

What is TigerEye?
Tiger iron (or tigereye matrix) is a quartz-lignite aggregate gemstone containing layers of vibrant golden tigereye, metallic grey hematite and rich. Tiger’s Eye is an amazing fortifier of the blood and exceptional at balancing out the human digestive system and metabolism. 
What is Hematite Stone?
The prefix “hema” has its roots in the Greek language, meaning “blood.”  Hematite is considered to be one of the best stones for amping up healthy circulation in the body. If you have high blood pressure, clots, heavy periods, or any kind of health issue connected with blood flow, this is a stone you need in your life. Hematite keeps your tissue in tip-top shape, it makes sure you can properly absorb all your nutrients, and it detoxifies the body (along with the mind and soul).
What is obsidian stone?
Black obsidian is a deep black stone that when tumbled or sculpted, has a shiny surface. Obsidian is also known for clearing and detoxification. It thoroughly cleanses, heals, and restores your aura from toxicity. 
What makes TigerEye Hematite Detox Therapy Bracelet Special?
  • Dispels negativity and “purifies” the stress in the body.
  • Reduce and maintain body cholesterol
  • Boost and promote good blood circulation
  • Enhance healthy weight reduction
  • Provides more usable energy for the body
  • Detoxifies body and remove harmful toxins
  • Promote faster metabolism
  • Stimulates digestive and nervous system of the body
Here are some of our Happy Customers

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - James Levis

"Since it helps me lose my extra weight, I've been wearing this TigerEye Hematite Detox Therapy Bracelet for months and am extremely happy with it. I used to consume a lot of junk food, but when I started wearing this, my hunger was regulated and my cravings for bad foods vanished, which helped me lose a lot of weight. I heartily endorse it!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Shiela Lorren

"I used to be overweight, but since I started wearing this TigerEye Hematite Detox Therapy Bracelet, I'm now jogging 10 kilometers every day and still have the stamina for weights and pushups. I was shocked to see how much weight I had shed when I walked on the scale. My flat muscles have been replaced with toned ones as I've reached a healthy weight. Additionally, it has a wonderful design."

Package Includes
1 x TigerEye Hematite Detox Therapy Bracelet